External board of directors: know-how for your company

What does an external board of directors do?

An external board of directors is your sparring partner

The role of an external board of directors has a positive impact on companies at several levels.

The company receives professional expertise in the areas of finance & law.

An external board of directors has a repertoire of methodological competencies for communication in crises & conflict resolution.

The view from outside often makes it easier to recognize blind spots and supports the committee in the decision-making process.


Development of a plan for the orientation of the company and achievement of goals


Liquidity, profitability and risk require an active & competent management


Control through the development of an individual information system

Human resources

Development of the staff and the organisation as a basis for operational activities


Exchange with stakeholders inside and outside the company

Risk management

Compliance with legal obligations and execution in the company

1. Request

Let us know briefly for which company and for what purpose you are looking for a board member

2. Initial meeting

We will schedule an appointment for an initial personal consultation to discuss all details

3. Election

The new board of directors will be elected at the next shareholders’ meeting

4. Integration

Your new board of directors will be integrated into the company and implement its mission

How do I get an external board of directors?

In 4 steps to the external board of directors

Expertiva offers you an external board of directors for your company quickly and easily. Send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Meet your board member

Marius Schindler studied business studies and law at the University of Zurich.

He is a trained mediator for business & employment mediation, succession & inheritance arrangements, family businesses and separations & divorces.

Marius Schindler is specialized in highly controversial multi-party conflicts and has completed various systemic training courses.

Marius Schindler

external board of directors
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Frequently asked questions

How much does an external board member cost?

A mandate is charged with a revolving lump sum up to 12 months in the amount of CHF 6’000.00 plus VAT and additionally according to time spent in an hourly fee of CHF 240.00 plus VAT.

How long does an external board member mandate last?

A board of directors mandate lasts a maximum of 12 months with the option of extension. Depending on the specific needs of the company, short or multi-year assignments may be possible.

When is a board member mandate rejected?

Board mandates from companies that do not comply with Swiss law or conduct immoral or unfair business cannot be accepted.

Does a board member have to live in Switzerland?

At least one member of the board of directors must be resident in Switzerland. No other members of the board of directors must do so.