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Please provide the company details below
Please enter a desired name for your company. The company name must end with the addition AG or SA. We will check the availability for you.
Please enter the street and house number where the company will be located. You are also welcome to use our domicile service. Please simply enter "domicile service Winterthur" or "domicile service Zurich" in the field.
Please state the zip code and the place where the company is domiciled.
A short description with a few keywords is sufficient. We will be pleased to take on the concrete formulation for you and submit a proposal.
In the case of an AG/SA, the share capital must be at least CHF 100'000.
In the case of an AG/SA, the paid-up share capital must correspond to 20 % of the nominal value of the shares, but at least CHF 50'000.
Under Swiss law, the nominal value per share must be at least 1 Swiss centime. However, we advise against this and recommend a minimum par value of CHF 1 per share.

Set up stock corporation

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