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Retirement & Pension: Certainty through Planning

Our customers benefit from comprehensive pension planning and individual pension solutions

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Well planned is properly prepared

Proper pension planning begins at the latest in your early 50s and retirement planning already in your 30s. We support you in developing your individual pension goals and accompany you until retirement. Thanks to our interdisciplinary expertise in tax law and social security law, you benefit from various optimization options and thus achieve a tax- and return-optimized pension planning.
We calculate your expected retirement pension from the OASI.
Pillar 3a
Income & wealth tax optimization with the tied pension plan.
Pension fund
Can and should I withdraw my capital from the pension fund or should I take a retirement pension?
Pillar 3b
Individual protection of yourself and your dependents with the free pension plan.
Early retirement
Is early retirement possible and what are the financial circumstances then?
Is it worth paying off a mortgage upon retirement or should it continue?

Do you already have appropriate retirement plans in place?

Have your current pension provision reviewed by an expert. Our comprehensive advice will help you plan a solid retirement provision and can usually also identify various tax optimization options.

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Frequently asked questions about pension planning

What does retirement planning cost?

Pension planning is charged on a time basis in an hourly fee of CHF 240.00 plus VAT.

How long does a retirement plan take?

Pension planning usually takes 2 - 4 hours to discuss plus preparation and follow-up time.