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We take care of your tax return reliably & competently. Online, by mail or in conjunction with a personal consultation at our office or online.


100 % digital
Customer portal
Threema-Chat available
CHF 149
Base fee
Please note that additional fees may arise in addition to the base fee.
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Postal contact
Physical tax documents
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CHF 179
Base fee
Please note that additional fees may arise in addition to the base fee.
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In person

1/2 consulting hour included
E-Meeting, Zurich, Winterthur
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CHF 299
Base fee
Please note that additional fees may arise in addition to the base fee.
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Additional fees
The following services are not included in the base fee and will be charged in addition at CHF 45.00 per item, unless otherwise stated:
- You have more than 2 children
- You are self-employed (without final work)
- You make or receive alimony of any kind
- You own real estates or properties outside the canton of Zurich or abroad
- You own more than one property or land
- You have more than 1 salary statement, pension statement or social security certificate or partner for the tax year
- You have assets or income abroad or exchange rate inquiries ESTV or DA-1 form
- Total more than 5 items in your list of donations, assets, debts, life & annuity insurance
- Received or made capital payments (except annual payment into pillar 3a + 3b)
- Separate statements of any kind
- Tax return or tax allocation during the year
- You are not primarily liable to tax in the canton of Zurich
- You are a cross-border commuter or weekly resident
- You own qualified shares
- Request for missing documents of any kind or queries in case of ambiguities by e-mail or chat
- Express order 72 hours 49.00 CHF or express order 24 hours 99.00 CHF
- Legal representation (without appeal) 49.00 CHF
- Telephone calls & tax consulting according to tariff at 60.00 CHF (excl. VAT) per 15 minutes or part thereof


Our checklist will help you to collect all relevant documents.

Get your tax return done in 3 steps

1. Place an order for the filing of your tax return.

2. Provide your tax documents according to the checklist.

3. you will receive your final tax return.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to prepare the tax return?

Usually, we complete your tax return within 1 - 3 weeks. In urgent cases, you can also use our express order option (3 working days).

Can I drop off my tax documents at your office?

If you book an appointment, you can bring your tax documents to the appointment. Alternatively, you have the option of sending your documents by post or online.

What does base fee mean?

These are the minimum costs for the selected option (online, mail, in person) and cover most simple tax scenarios. Additional costs may still be charged.

Do I have to sign the tax return?

We submit your tax return digitally to the tax office. All tax forms and related documents are submitted by us directly to the tax office. No signature needed.

Will I receive a copy of the tax return?

Of course, we always have a digital copy of your tax return. Drop us a mail or a message via Threema and we will send you your documents.